Sunday, March 30, 2008

Painting Again!

I took a break from felting over Easter and started painting.
I really had the best time - tubes of paint everywhere, about 5 palettes of different colours, sponges, brushes and I just
couldn't stop!
The equipment I had used in the past all came out and had a go. Getting inspired for this stuff is really easy. Shapes are all around us.
The thing that I find challenging, is knowing where and when to stop. I tend to over coordinate and consciously try to avoid this in any piece of work I tackle. Having the courage to throw in a completely seemingly unrelated colour often works wonders.
I will certainly be painting again soon - I just need another Easter type scenario - ie 4 clear days to work uninterrupted!


  1. Have admired your work on your website for a while. I will check in to see your creativity. There is lots of interest in felting but not many blogs about it so I'm excited to see your work.

    Rhode Island

  2. I've enjoyed looking at your blog and what a great studio you have. (I came here via jujlovespolkadots)
    Good luck with the blog.