Friday, June 27, 2008

Working with Grade 3's

Over the last couple of months I have been working with 2 Grade 3 classes at PLC Junior School.
We have felted to our hearts content and created a bundle of felt.
Every year the school holds an auction and each class creates a group art piece.
This year the Grade 3 classes got to do felting as their medium.
The next couple of months will see me working in the studio with the remainder of their felt pieces to create similar themed installations for the school.

If ever you want to get inspired just hang out with children for a while. Sometimes I feel as if I have been walking around with my eyes shut when I watch them create!

I just love the one soaring at the top

Funny how the slightest change in positioning the eye makes such a difference to the attitude and character

Auction pieces 1 +2

They went for a really good price last week at the auction - not sure how much but will try to find out!


  1. What fabulous work and you are right all the expressions do seem different due to the eye placement. Love the way they have been mounted.Well done kids. Ros

  2. Hi Ros!
    Yes I just love them - the shapes were so inventive too!
    Love E

  3. Your birds are very beautiful! I like them very much.

  4. You have my utmost admiration. Asfter 30 years of teaching I do my best to avoid small children these days!