Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Press and photos!

I am back at another school so have been silent for a few weeks. In the last week or so I have had an article in this German Felting Journal and guess what! I made the front cover!
I am so pleased because it is such a high quality publication and the images look great - even if you can't read German the photos speak a thousand words. The piece on the cover is called "Breakaway" and now lives in South Korea
Good quality shots are ESSENTIAL if you are going to keep track of your work over a long period of time. It is so easy to forget pieces the moment they leave you. With a brain that finds it hard to slow down on possible creations and designs, it is the only record of what I have done.
When I am unable to come up with a new idea, a good folio of photos is the only way to refresh my mind. So my advice is - don't let it get out the door - even if it is a gift - without
a photo or two to add to your records. Clients love looking through your folio to see what they can order as well.
When I am 80 and can't roll my felt anymore and my memory is less than perfect - at least I will have a reminder of what on earth I did for all those years!


  1. Congratulations Elizabeth how wonderful,thats a good tip about taking a photo especially a good quality one as thats not always easy to do as some of mine have been awful and I regret it later,felt can be difficult to photograph well. Ros

  2. CLose ups are best so that you can gauge the texture and quality of the felt. I have a new Canon with
    great macro facility - it takes a great shot - I just haven't mastered it yet!
    Try photographing outside on an overcast day - a grey sky throws very few shadows and the work can be seen more clearly.

  3. Congratulations on making the front cover with such a striking piece.

  4. Gorgeous felt Elizabeth and congrats on the front cover!! whoohooo... go the aussie vbg