Sunday, March 15, 2009

Colours to Challenge

As most of you will know I am generally driven by the bright colours in the spectrum.

For a challenge I have decided to concentrate on a more subtle palette and see where it takes me. I was beinning to think that those brights were who I am as an artist and certainly they act as a magnet. BUT you can almost preclude yourself from a particular set of shades.

So this week I endeavoured to OVERCOME it!

Here are the colours - there is a selection of grey, gold, cinnamon and lavender - you can also see a few bits of cut up knitwear that I ill be adding. Heaven knows what I will do with it!


  1. Im sure you will turn out something amazing Elizabeth, hope you post the results. Ros

  2. I really love this range of colours! quite different as your usual ones but so lovely. As I read "twilight" I had to think once more of my favorite book and film at the moment!

  3. What a delicious image. I especially love the rolled pieces of scrim cloth in the foreground. Where might one find beautiful cloth like that?
    Thanks, for writing an interesting blog.