Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Twilight Roosting

Hi everyone,
Well I finally got the courage to cut up my felt and start doing the embroidery. It was always intended for a pair of dolls and then I just had a couple of days of misgivings!

After stitching madly for a couple of days I made these 2 up. A mother and daughter watching the birds come in to roost.

I really enjoyed making the dolls into a scene rather than in isolation. It tells more of a story and stretches me to think of a setting in which to place them.

The birds were created from leftover scraps and the trees were made from what I found in my garden. I am definitely making more trees they were great fun to do!
Am working on some more now!


  1. You are so clever Elizabeth. To make the felt, then the dolls , birds and the trees (what a great idea).

    You are a very talented lady!

  2. Dear Dot
    Thankyou so much
    You do make me smile!


  3. Beautiful birds and dolls! Artfully arranged.

  4. Hu E
    Dolls turned just beautiful
    you're just one veru clever and creative lady
    well done

  5. I too am mainly drawn to bright saturated colors but this new twilight piece has turned out fabulous. The dolls are wonderful and I love the trees and birds combined in the setting. So sorry about your kitty passing on. I am sitting with my own 20 year old on my lap as I type at an awkward angle to accommodate her. Congratulations on your magazine pieces, well deserved!

  6. Oh how I love these pieces. The whole thing has a beautiful magical quality probably added to by the 'moonlight' colours. Wistful and enigmatic. OOH!

  7. Thankyou everybody for your lovely comments!

    MG StudioPanka and woolpets your words do enourage me!

    Jan - thankyou with regard to
    Basil - I went to the local cat shelter and last week - came home with nobody! They all needed a home
    sadly. Little ones and adults alike.

    Jackie I have really enjoyed your
    recent travel photos
    Happy creating everyone!

    Love Elizabeth

  8. How delightful to see what you did with the felt. Simply stunning, as usual.

  9. These are beautiful, I love the way you combine the colours, your work's fabulous.

  10. Love your felted dolls! Very original and lovely...

  11. What a delightful piece! I agree that the grouping works beautifully together. Your work is just lovely...