Saturday, May 30, 2009

AT LAST - This makes the last post make a bit more sense. These are the pics from the beach.

Such gorgeous details to be obseved

The most beautiful time of day

I could hardly believe this leaf - it was as if it had appeared by magic no other one of its type to be seen nearby
Hope everyone is having a happy weekend


  1. these photos so make me yearn to be at the beach, elizabeth!! stunning!

  2. hallo elizabeth,
    i am so happy to found your blog. you are a wonderful feltworker!
    best wishes from switzerland,bye

    sorry, my english is not good

  3. Hi there Elizabeth
    I am a felter from South Africa and came upon your site and blog this weekend - this photo is extraordinary in its synchronicity - I made a nuno-felted skirt in April this year and the leaves on it are almost exactly the same - I will send you a photo - as I worked I had the vision that they were autumn leaves that had fallen into a river...
    Thanks for your blog - your work is so vibrant