Friday, October 16, 2009

Fab Students!

Hi everyone
Here is a class that happened a couple of weeks ago. This was a workshop in nuno feltmaking and some gorgeous scarves were made by all. For any of you who aren't felters - first of all, shame on you!! - Nuno, which means fabric in Japanese, refers to the fact that a fabric is integral to this type of felting. The fleece is laid on fabric and is felted until the two have combined to create the new "fabric". A glorious result!

As you can see these students have made some stunning pieces. I hope they will show them off for ages to come - believe me they looked better at first hand.

From left, Jo, Ro and Julia. They look so elegant and I really hope all the rolling will not put them off having another go soon!

Ro laying out her fleece on a purply tissue silk

The trials of design.................

Hope your weekend is full of fun
Love from

PS: Nell fell asleep in a desk draw this evening -so cute - sadly my camera was flat so I missed taking a pic.


  1. The scarves look super - they have had a great tutor I think. I ahve done some Nuno but not for a while now - maybe I will have a another go soon.

  2. We all had a great day Elizabeth. I'm all fired up to felt again now I'm back from holiday. Thanks again for a terrific day, you're a fabulous teacher.

  3. These are so glorious and I can tell from the pictures that RO ahd a wonderful time!! i am dying to try this sort of felting but I want YOU to be my teacher!!!! Better start saving my pennies!!
    Holiday Hugs!

  4. Dear Elizabeth
    Who knows? Perhaps we will connect one of these days! I would love to have you in class!
    Happy New Year