Monday, October 25, 2010

Out the back..............

Dear Friends,
Howdy! No I haven't dropped off the end of the world! Just so very busy - I have schools booked all term so lots of felting at primary level! Pics soon.

Also the garden is yelling with new life! This is the view as you come down the stairs out the back door.

This most magnificent shade of yellow - I haven't retouched the photo at all. In actual fact these are the remnants of the winter broccoli and broccolini (baby broccoli) . They have gone to seed of course but they were so pretty that we couldn't bear to remove them - I think that our bees watched with disgust as they were all ripped out this evening.

New cherry blossoms! "So what" I hear you say - well actually cherries take aaaaaaaaaaaaages before you get any fruit. So after 6 years we have blossoms! I know you are all thrilled for us!

More seeded veges - so gorgeous.

Pink geraniums - whenever I am in the garden -and today was a particularly pretty day - I make up lists in my head of my top fave flowers. I am so easily pleased! It changes a bit but geraniums are often in my top five. There are about 100 different shades of pink I am sure.

A recent nuno felt scarf, shades of blue and cinnamon with a few olive and lavender highlights.

It really is wonderful how you can make a regular colourway less predictable by adding a small amount of colour to act as an accent or highlight. I find that I spend a great deal of time thinking about these sorts of additions - what is the element that will make it more unusal.
Frequently it is the colour. Whether these highlights occur during the laying out stage or are saved until embroidery or beads are added doesn't really matter. There are some really great zinger colours - ones that I often dwell on are red, lime, lavender grey and mustard and olive.

Every best wish for a creative week ahead, dear friends


  1. All these spring flowers and we have all the colours of autumn here!
    I love the scarves and the colours you have used.

  2. Love your garden and your work. Just sent you an email in regard to classes. Looking forward to hearing from you

  3. Love love love seeing your loverly garden shots!!! Your scarf is yummy and I would so love to create with you@!@@ I managed to succeed with my 85 student felted collage project here is a link to my blog post all about it!! I have been teaching myself some felting techniques ever since- all done after being so inspired by you!!!!!!!!