Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Parasol Moment...

Dear Friends,
Such a busy couple of months I decided to take some time off and go for walk down the beach.
I live about 20 minutes drive from our local beach and it is so lovely. Here are a few photos from this evening. I mean I really can't pretend and call it a walk - a meander is more like it.

A brisk walk down the beach can only be achieved in one of three ways - 1) you have a dog that simply won't go at any pace but top speed or 2) it is so cold you can only think about a cup of tea back home for the entire outing or 3) you aren't wading through fluffy dry sand that grabs hold of your feet at each step.

But a day as pretty as today - lovely cool breeze and warm sun only requires a meander or stroll, dreaming along as you watch what is beneath your toes.

Due to the rotten fact that I am I prime candidate for skin cancer, I have to carry an umbrella - even though it was after 5.00pm. So there was I muddling along with my camera, and a basket housing shoes, car keys, purse, tissues, sketch book and pencils, when I realized a lady reclining on the beach was speaking me.
After I finished tip toeing through all the shell grit, little jelly fish and some star fish towards her, she just wanted to say - " I'm sorry to interrupt you but I just wanted to say how elegant you look coming along the shore with your parasol."

I was so surprised. I felt a bit of an odd ball wandering along with my flowery umbrella and yet there in a simple sentence a fellow beach lover had changed the complexion on the situation completely. My umbrella had changed into a parasol and I didn't feel quite so odd.

So as I continued on my lovely walk I noticed many starfish had washed up and they were just so beautiful perhaps more so as I peered at them from beneath my parasol!

Coming into shore. It must be exactly the right season for starfish. I have never seen them in such profusion.

After two and a half hours I was ready for that cup of tea. Just a shame I couldn't stop at one of these lovely beach huts!
Hoping you have a "parasol" moment this week!


  1. I hope to have one today Elizabeth,we are going to Mornington, they have the most fabulous beach glass there, all rounded and resembling jube lollies.

  2. I hope you have the best fun Ro!
    Bring me home some!

  3. Love the photo of the red and yellow starfish. I'm a long way from any beach so it's fun to see beach photos.

  4. As you and I have very similar coloring, red-blond complexions, the next time that I am at the beach in my hat and shirt and umbrella, I will definately call my brolly a parasol!!! I love your wonderful pictures!!! Missing the beach and glad that you are taking time to enjoy your beach!!!!

  5. Enjpoyed your post! Just lovely.