Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Early mornings.....................

Hi friends!
Well I think I just may live in England forwever! I don't think it is just holiday fever, I really feel so happy here. Due to the fact that we are trying to fit in so much, our days have been starting quite early. Here are some pics from along a country lane where spring is really doing her thing.
Of course I am still photographing stones and rock walls as well.

Pretty views of lovely homes tucke away behind hedges and gates.

The light which can be quite hard in Australia is so gentle here. I spend a lot of time noticing this as we drive down country lanes that feel as if we are stuck in a rabbit warren at times. It doesn't seem to matter though - these beautiful lanes filled with wild flowers seem timeless somehow.

Visiting Arundel castle near Chichester inside the chapel - another lovely door.

We have been staying in lovely B and B's and some self catering cottages. This was a tiny church at the end of the lane.

More loveliness.

The lovely light at 6.00am - can this really have been me here?

Mum and I are both well and and eating like horses. Everything is amazingly delicious and 2 afternoon teas on most days sounds most reasonable. Especially as we walk for so many hours looking at churches and museums and just about anything else....................................

Will chime in again soon,

Lots of love dear friends




  1. I knew you would love England. It's very intoxicating. Even their wild flowers are not wild by our standards, they know where they're meant to be and stay contained within their boundaries. So glad you're enjoying it, can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

  2. And the churches...the castles...the history...You will be SO INSPIRED when you come back!!

  3. Beautiful pictures!Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Elizabeth, so glad you are having such a lovely time, most days I am sure I would never swap Britain for anywhere else in the world.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos

  5. I'm so pleased you're enjoying England so much! Your enthusiasm and wonderful photos have renewed my enthusiasm and pride in my own land. :o)

  6. So glad you're enjoying it here so much. Much as I love to visit other counties I'd never leave Britain.

  7. I know what you mean I feel the same way about Tasmania

  8. Sorry I missed your birthday - hope some cake gave its life in celebration. Lx