Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Friends,
Well busy in the studio on Friday with students creating madly! Here is Teresa making some stunning flowers to add to her winter wardrobe

The gorgeous Joy showing off her very first wrap! Covered in leaves and berries she looks a real treat!

And here is Lyn making a statement with stripes and swirls.

As you may know we have a new young lad named Henry who just loves our old girl Nelly. Her follows her constantly copying her movements (never seen that before in all the years we have had cats!) and tries so hard to get close to her. Sadly to no avail - except here yesterday morning when she was snoring her head off and he sat as close as he could get.
He is very game and puts up with her hissing and even hitting him. Poor darling! There is no sign she will ever be his pal.

This is a new piece of felt I made today with layers upon layers of fleece and threads and fabrics. I love the way the black and white fabric stands out so well.

This is a piece of dyed muslin that I stretched and poked my fingers in until it was most distressed!
Felted like a dream!

It looks big here but is actually about 50cm X 25cm  - a new bookcover I think.

Hoping everyone is getting some creative time in this weekend.



  1. Hi Elizabeth! We had a wonderful time once again in your beautiful studio. We're so excited about our next class, we can't wait!

  2. Your piece is amazing! Your colors are always so uplifting and cheerful :)

    1. Hi Teresa,
      I am so pleased you had a happy class! I too look forward to your next groovy creations!

      Thanks Loco Lindy - I have tried really hard to do subdued colours - to no avail though!

  3. What fantastically vibrant pieces of felt! Lovely!

  4. We had a young cat that followed the older cat everywhere. Since the old cat died the younger one now follows me everywhere. Love the new book cover.

  5. Long time since I stopped by... lovely to find this colourful spot in the web.
    How is that book coming?? anywhere near ready? Yours is one book Im looking forward to...
    Hope everything is alright over there, greetings from The Netherlands!

  6. Hi Angela
    I think Henry will be the same - he is getting bigger now and much more of a match for her - she won't have a bar of him though!

    Thanks Florcita!
    Book still trundling along but so pleased that it is nearly done. Will definitely keep you posted - I don't think I will know what to do with myself then!