Wednesday, November 7, 2012


'and then Goldilocks tried the Queen sized bed with the lovely warm quilt and crept in. Pretty soon he
fell fast asleep and his poor family couldn't find him for ages and ages and were getting quite worried.'

We had a really noisy storm this morning and Henry disappeared. He tried to stick it out and kept running from window to window - upstairs downstairs and all over. After a while we couldn't find him - sure enough
the most reassuring place for us all was his chosen spot as well - IN BED!

Happy snoozing!



  1. Awrr.....what a sweet, sweet lot of photo's. Henry looks very comfy!

  2. This tickled me silly - so comical. He's a gorgeous boy and very clever too!!

  3. Love the post with the photos and words you put to them - started my day with smile!

  4. I did a double take when I saw your Henry, he is so like my Zaphod, who is also quite fond of my bed.
    Here's a pic of Zaphod on his facebook page: