Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An exhibition!

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to let yo know about an exhibition I am participating in with 4 other gorgeous artists! 
This will be held in Warragul in Victoria and for those of you who can come we have our opening on the 4th of May at 2.00pm. With nibbles and drinks! 

Hope to see you at: The Lillico Glass Studio, 243 Lillico Rd Warragul

Well the cooler weather has arrived in Melbourne and everything I love arrives as well:
winter coats, knitwear, scarves, thoughtful golden days and cold nights, big blankets on the bed, rain, planting all the bulbs, raking leaves, open fires, crumpets, soup, casseroles, gum boots, the light slanting a bit differently,
purple evenings...

Just love this time of the year!

I hope everyone is enjoying their season as well be it Autumn or Spring!

Lots of Love


  1. It looks really exciting. I just with that I wasn't on the other side of the planet (Sweden)!

  2. Good luck with the exhibition. looks gorgeous.
    Love Winter too..we had a whol;e day of rain.Our rain often heads south and misses Adelaide, but how sweet was the rain the other day.yes crumpets, soup, Winter knits!Just great for those who love felt and felting.