Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gorgeous New Buttons!

Hi Everyone!
Well the exhibition opening was just lovely  - full gallery and a beautiful Autumn day - even the cows in the fields nearby looked as if they had brushed their coats for us! 
Thankyou to everyone who came - I was just thrilled by all the surprise visits!

What I really wanted to tell you about are these magnificent buttons that arrived this week! They are so beautifully made by a lady in the Scottish Highlands. I can think of dozens of uses and I can't wait to put them into a project. Maybe I will knit a new cardy just so I can put these buttons on it! Or make a brooch or add them to a journal or stitch them to a felt wrap or .......

They are made of resin and are finished so well. A very professional service for a lovely product!

Contact Frances here at : Buttons McAnnoraks or find her on Facebook here

Hope everyone is finding time to play with buttons or paint or thread or fleece or yarn or whatever!

Lots of Love


  1. Gorgeous buttons - miniature works of art.

  2. Those buttons are full of joy and I am inspired to use the idea with my year 7 students as they explore the elements of colour and form. Did you use a lacquer on the paint surface? I decorated some simple wooden buttons for a cardigan with nail polish and tiny black beads but have not subjected them to washing yet...

  3. Lovely buttons. Good luck with the exhibition and the book.