Thursday, September 12, 2013

At long long last! My new book - Felt Happy!

Dear Friends
At long, long last my book has arrived. It really has taken longer than it should, but I am so very delighted with the result. It is glossy and gorgeous and I must say I am proud of it.

I have tried to create a book that I would want to buy myself. Chock full of useful information as well as
full page photos to see finer details. There are loads of step by step instructions with photos of each step that are easy to follow and replicate. It is ideal for the beginner or more experienced felter.

At 212 pages long it is a reasonably thick book. In size it measure 21 x 21cm (about 8" square) and is easy to slip in a bag to carry with you.

As a self publisher, I have spent many months creating the work, photographing it and learning the ins and outs of Photoshop to prepare all the files for printing. This in itself has been an uphill climb. However I have learned a great deal and have decided to march on with another volume immediately! Felt making  is such a huge topic to discuss there was only so much I could include in one book!

There are many of you who have waited a long time for me to get this volume published.
I really thankyou for all of your encouragement, sending me emails and notes to see how things were going, and being prepared to wait until the process was done.

SO that's it - it's done - finished at last. Phew!              

If you are interested in purchasing a copy it is available now on Etsy!

Every best wish


  1. Wow I guessed. Popping over to Etsy right now to purchase my copy. Congratulations!! You are a famous author.

  2. Thankyou so very much! I don't know about famous but I am VERY happy it is finally completed.
    I hope you enjoy it

  3. I'm saving up! I'd like to post about this on my blog, may I use the image from this post?

  4. sorry, I mistyped my blog address - should have been lovefibre, not lovfibre

  5. Fiona please use the image and thankyou so much - promotion is everything now.
    I am really thrilled that you ask. There are many that don't!
    Bestest wishes

  6. Wow such an accomplishment and all the hard work it takes is defiantly worth a pat on the back!!! Headed over now to purchase mine and I will promote also!! Congratulation!!!!