Thursday, January 19, 2017

Patchwork Felt Class - student work

 Hi everyone!
Well we have well and truly started the new year and classes are about to begin again in the studio which is very exciting. Today as I was in the studio, I was dwelling on my students. I think the happiest times in my life are when they come to the studio to create, feeling free to try something new and make a super happy mess!

Some I see only once, some I see half a dozen times and then there are those that have been with me for years and have become such lovely friends. With that in mind I decided to go through some photos and show you some of their efforts.

These photos are from the Patchwork Class. Some samples are from Australia and some from New Zealand.
Aren't they just gorgeous?

I hope your week is going well
Lots of Love
Elizabeth xxx

 A panel really benefits from a slightly larger focal point.

 Many shades of the one colour have great cohesion - as long as you throw in a zinger!

 These crisp little blue squares are perfect against the blended colour

 This piece reminds me that colour is so close to our hearts. The way it makes you feel, the visual comfort and often the memories it evokes.

 Although this piece is in progress I just adore the colour selection. It wouldn't matter if I had the same shades it would look completely different!

 Colours that we find in nature are always wonderful to celebrate in art. These Autumn tones resonate with us all I am sure.

The beauty of these pieces is how you can enjoy them from any direction

 Now and then you can see a little creature crawl into your work!

 These colours are very enticing - the whole piece is very reminiscent of a landscape

The next dates for the Patchwork class are over on the Workshops Page.

I will also be teaching this in May in NSW would love to see you there!
Just contact Caroline Sharkey here for all the exciting details!

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