Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Beauty of Bark - please click on to enlarge!

Over the last couple of days I have been walking, walking........................ in our Royal Botanical Gardens here in Melbourne. Signs of Spring are everywhere and I had a lovely time just photographing bark. You know those mysterious miniature worlds that appear when you look just a little harder. Having said that a camera with a macro lens is also a help. These weeny flowers were so tiny that I almost missed them. Only 1/4 inch wide!

This one reminds me or morse code.

The light was truly beautiful, no hard edges anywhere - like one shape just merging into another.

Knotty, lumpy bits are so interesting - the imperfections are what make it so attractive.

For so many years I have taken photos of bark and trees don't know why - it just makes me happy. The varying shades are so beautiful.

These little depressions in the trees side are so intriguing! I imagine some little person just sitting there smoking his pipe and catching the last of the evening light.

Perhaps they are listening devices from within the tree to hear who is approaching?

Something about this light I find so utterly beguiling - it is as if the tree is snoozing perhaps recalling other days.

Little worlds in bits of green and gold.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week

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  1. The dots look like braille.
    Lovely post.

  2. I take photo's of bark too, so many wonderful textures!

  3. Love these photos Elizabeth...what an eye (and lens) for detail.

  4. Don't they just make you want to stitch something?