Saturday, February 6, 2010

How lucky am I?

Hi dear friends,
Just a quick line to let you know that today was quite special. As you know our adopted cat Nelly has been with us since last August. Well finally today, after many sniffs around the studio, over a lengthy period, she decided to make herself comfy.
I always think that an animal at peace in the studio is a very good sign. Well this morning she got to listen to Bach and Handel for hours and actually started snoring!!!! I won't tell her though, she might get embarrassed.

This is what I made whilst she dreamt on the seat. Silk paper cut into leaves.

Hand stitching still progressing...........................

Boy oh boy I love the macro facility on the camera - it is particularly useful for studying stitching.

A blissfully cool night - I am away to my bed..........................................

Lots of love to everyone


  1. Cute kitty! Love the silk paper leaves & hand stitching, beautiful colours.

  2. Hi, I am Gabriele from Germany. You are listed on my blog Last week I bought a felting kit and now I am waiting for the wonderful colours...I like your cat. I had a cat, too, which died after 16 years last year and he normally sleeped in my workroom and he is listening my classical music. I am following your work, because I like it so much.
    Regards Gabriele

  3. Nelly is one lucky little kitten! What a wonderful home she has- classical music and wool and love and peace and glorious color!! I do so love your hand stitching on felt and your silk leavess are gorgeous!!!! We are getting a huge snow storm at the momenton the east Coast of the US we are expected to get up to 2 ft of snow!!!!!! Iwould rather be with you in OZ believe me!!

  4. There is nothing like a sleeping cat to make a home. Love your felt and stitching.

  5. Lovely silk paper looking forward to seeing what you do with them. I would have loved to see it before you chopped it up

  6. I can totally understand your lovely Nelly being happy in your studio, it has a wonderful energy and is like an Aladdin's cave

  7. I am enjoying your creativity.
    The colours are fabulous.