Sunday, February 14, 2010

Standing in the shallows

Hello dear friends,
I must firstly say a big, warm welcome and THANKYOU to everyone who has signed on to follow my blog. I am really touched! Cross your fingers I say something of some vague interest.

Well this is the piece I have been working on this week. After each night peering into boxloads of threads - that no matter how much I stitch seems to say at the staus quo, it is finally finished.

Title: Standing in the shallows

It measures about 90cm long and about 40cm wide. I really enjoyed it and will probably add to this as a series. Created in 100% beloved merino. All carded from the scraps found in many receptacles in the studio!

There is a strong element of the organic in felting -the way it comes together, the way it stands alone with very little decoration. I am so very conscious of trying not to spoil it all with overworking with the needle and thread. Many is the time I have pulled sections out because I couldn't stop. In my eagerness to use "that" thread with a certain bit of felt just because it matched.

Mum has said to me for years - "Just because you've got it, doesn't mean you have to use it!"
Now it rings in my ears as well!

Hoping your weekend has been just lovely



  1. Just found your block from Jackie at Dog-Daisy Chains. Stunning work, I really enjoyed browsing and will be back

  2. Oops that should have read 'blog' above, not 'block'

  3. Wow Elizabeth, I love this piece...Beautiful colors, textures, and just the right amount of stitching:-) Those moms really do know best.


  4. I have just discovered your blog, having come from Jackie's too. Absolutely love your felting, lovely colours and textures....and will explore all your earlier posts and sites too. Might be interested in your classes, will have a closer look and make contact - I'm in Central Victoria, but do come to the big smoke occasionally!

  5. Your work leaves me smiling! Wonderful!!!

  6. What an absolutely Stunning piece xoxo

  7. This is gorgeous Elizabeth. Love the colors..want to reach through my screen and touch it! Love to you and Ms Nellie xx

  8. Wow!! What a stunning piece of art. Just love it. In fact, I'm new to your website (sent here by Dog Daisy Chains) and I'm in awe of your beautiful work. If you're ever in Perth, WA let me know ... I would love to do one of your workshops.

  9. Cette pièce est magnifique, j'aime beaucoup les couleurs.

  10. Elizabeth,
    I've just found your blog, courtesy of Melody Johnson, and want to thank you for sharing your creative enterprises with us all. One question - I loved the leaves you show a day or two ago - particularly the way they are so variegated - how did you get that look - it's almost like patchwork?
    Thank you,


  11. Thankyou everyone for posting!
    Paddysdaughter you are so close - I really hope to see you in the studio!
    Virginia I will be posting more info on the silk paper making soon. Keep watching!

    every best wish

  12. Popped over from Dog Daisy too. Such wonderful work - so inspirational. I shall be back for a really good look!