Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting stuff done!

Dearest Friends
Hoping your week is progressing well! I have been trying to focus on 8 things that have to be done and none of them seem appealing - do you know what I mean? Plenty of creative energy but not for the things that I simply have to do!
I used to be really worried by this. The fact that I couldn't discipline myself to get these things done. Now I simply put them aside and attend to the enticing creative ideas that are simply nagging me to get done or have a try.
I know that I will get over this block in a few days time and that everything will get done. But in the meantime I get to pursue the idea that has crept in unbidden.
Here is a new gal, papier mache and felt - I just love making them!
Whatever you are working on, be it one of the "I SIMPLY MUST GET THIS DONE" thing
or the "WOW! I AM GOING TO DO THIS NOW!" thing - I hope you are having a great time!
See you soon
Lots of Love


  1. Been there done that!!! It all does get done but there are times that I think that I could have enjoyed the fun stuff even more if I had gotten the have to stuff out of the way!!!
    Good luck with your Have Too's!!

  2. I know that feeling so well.