Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little pots from odds and ends

Dear friends,
Using up odds and ends of felt and yarn has been my pattern of work this year. I don't know why - but it is so gratifying to get rid of them all productively.

This week has been rather busy with teaching every day, so there has been little time to felt, however I managed to squeeze some time in to make a few little vessels. I use these for putting vases of flowers in and can pretty much co-ordinate my vessel to the flowers that I have.
Now does that sound excessively weird?

Candles look great in them as well.
Hoping everyone has a lovely weekend to look forward to,
Chat soon


  1. Those are just WONDERFUL! and making use of all those leftover bits & bobs...very clever indeed. I always enjoy stopping by to see your **colorful** world...makes me happy!

  2. Both of these pieces are absolutely stunning!! Would love to know how you got all of those little pieces to stick together and then shaped into a bowl!!! Love IT!!!!!

  3. I need to do more with wool so I can have enough left over bits and bobs to create something like this. Love it! I suppose I could play around and make something like this with new stuff, hmmmmm........

  4. mmmmm! So beautiful. Those are not just odds and ends.

  5. So gorgeous E! Am drooling over my keyboard here.
    Sending a big hug your way. Every time I look at the gorgeous doll I bought from you I think of your smiling face.
    Dot xx

  6. love your work --exchange links

  7. Gorgeous! - the colors and everything!!!!!! Thanks for your inspiration to continue with my work!! I'm happy to follow You!

  8. so beautiful!! love your color sense.

  9. Thos pots are amazing! I am inspired to do the same with my odds and ends stash post haste. Cat.