Saturday, March 13, 2010

Colours to dream upon!

Hello fellow artists,
Having had a busy week working in the garden I was happy to be back in the studio today sorting out some soy fiber. It has all the properties of silk fibre and can be used for many textile arts. Silk paper - an absolute delight to use in book arts, journaling and art quilts, it works beautifully constructed with soy. I just love it. The dye loves it too, as you can see!

Ever since I was a little girl I have been hooked on colours - I didn't really care about dolls or girly stuff which is ironic considering I can't seem to stop making them now! My main focus was crayons, pencils and paint of any type, with any paper I could get hold of.

Mum used to go around to our local butcher and get wads of paper for me to create with.
She often couldn't keep up and I would simply draw on the walls down our hall! Wall paper followed quite quickly and I was banned from enhancing them after that.

Yet still colour continues to be my driving force. I often feel that felt is my vehicle for showcasing colour. For others it is texture or shape that is the most stimulating element.

Yet it is my firm belief that if you start with your raw materials in shades and hues that are exciting, stimulating, perhaps unusual or exotic and you are completely in love with them - then all else will follow.

I really do believe that things fall into place if you get the colour right. Somehow you can think clearer, you can feel you way through. Colour is so very emotional, we react to it in an instant.
Almost before we find the words to descibe how we feel, the response has happened.
From the clothes you buy to the colour you paint your favourite room.

So if you have some time this weekend consider wandering and wading through your supplies and put together a colourway that you have never tried, that you fall in love with and can't wait to create into your next masterpiece. It will be time well spent, I promise!

Every best wish for a colourful weekend!



  1. What beautiful color. True art is to extract a color.

  2. You said it! Color is the driving force behind my work too. I must say, I love visiting your blog even if I didn't read a word (although I read every word) the color is what draws me in. I also love your background, had to check out Hot Bliggety Blog to see if I could pick one for my own blog although I ended up picking a different site. But this blue color background is so lovely. I'm so glad you have a blog and share your love.

  3. Thanks for writing in ladies! I just love to read your comments. Jan I am so pleased you find it interesting. I love this blue too. Nt steps in to my studio are painted in a similar shade.
    Best wishes

  4. Wonderful lucious color!!! Do you dye your own soy silk?? I wish that I could beam ove rand take some workshops with you!! We are so very alike!!
    The tale of you drawing your way down the halls of your childhood home made me giggle!! One can't keep a truely artistic spirit down!!!!