Monday, October 1, 2012

Journal studies

Dear Friends,
I find it funny that when I have a large felty thing on the go I need to draw and paint as a sort of antidote or refresher.
It is not that I am not enjoying the felting process - it is always a magical thing to me - but the getting back to
basics with a pencil and a brush has no pressure, easy, comfortable and more importantly just so portable!

This is a little square book that I picked up at the Hong Kong airport about .............years ago! Just a little  8" square blank book. Finally decided it would come off the shelf leaving its endless relatives of blank books stuck there.  I started by painting each double page a single colour.

I have kept this journal study focused on working out new colour combinations and trying out the poppy
bloom in different shades. Even if they don't exist in real life  - the artist is able to do as they please. How groovy is that?

Each double spread has the same elements in different colourways - and I have discovered great joy in just challenging myself to find new shades to marry.

I think that postage stamps are a great addition to journalling  Little gems that provide information regarding colour and subject and very stimulating for further study. A bag of used ones is very inexpensive and the international ones are a real education.

Of course a few birds have crept in as well. The one below is actually just done in markers rather than watercolours.

Well I hope you are all finding time to do something creative just for the heck of it. Not for sale or an order or any other time monitored reason - just for fun.



  1. Just gorgeous Elizabeth, looking forward to seeing this on Friday. xx

  2. Beautiful pages! Love these colors.

  3. Hi Elizabeth
    Do you have any weekend classes available at the moment?

  4. Lovely interesting felt , I bought a kit at Malvern