Wednesday, October 31, 2012

School creations!

Dear Friends,
Well at last I have finished my school work for the year! Such a busy term but had a wonderful time throughout! Here below are some studies done by Grade 2 students at MLC - just love what they have achieved.
I got them to design a house based on some research - giving though to location, colour and shape.
After attaching them to heavy card the they drew in the surroundings to set the scene and add a story to the felt home they had created. We had everything from castles to tee pees!

Here below is the latest installation at St Catherine's in Toorak. This has been created by children from Prep to Year 6 and we even had some weeny folk in from the preschool. The theme is Underwater Circus.
The children had a lot of fun imagining all the different creatures and what they would do  - a challenge but I really love the end result. Three members of my family are holding it up so that I could get at least a couple of shots. Imagine lots of yelling and "For goodness sake HURRY UP!"  You get the idea.

Felt lends itself so beautifully to works such as these. The ability to be able to create any shape and mould distinct forms. It is hard to see in these shots but the bottom has many coral and rock forms that are very dimensional.  I will get a better shot when it gets installed.

I am looking forward to getting on with some smaller projects this week! My arms have quite had enough of rolling bit felts!

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful week


  1. I have found your blog via Ro Bruhn. What fun your young students must have had producing this work - it's wonderful.
    I love the beautiful colours you use in your own and am going to enjoy a good browse to see more.

  2. What a fabulous and fantastical piece!! I can just hear the kiddos squealing with delight when they know that Ms. Elizabeth is coming!!!!What lucky kids!!
    I think the house and surroundings idea is a stroke of pure brilliance!!! Imagination and practicality and color all in one!!!!
    BRAVO to you!!!!