Monday, July 27, 2009

Living the good life!

Well here is Nellie again - hogging all the sunny spots and generally leading the good life! She seems to be rather nocturnal, being quite active around 3-4.00 am. So sleeping half the day way and worshiping the sun as it travels around the house, seems to be her best plan.

Notice the claws? They are very long - we have learnt (the hard way) to avoid touching her front paws as she is very sensitive about them. So we have several blocks of wood around the house for her to scratch on as well as a new super multi level scratching post, as she is currently an indoor kitty. Her nose is nearly white, it is so pale.

Couldn't find her this morning - starting to get a little worried and discovered her up the chimney - there is a little brick shelf just out of view and she must have been laughing her head off (silently) as I checked everywhere twice!

I won't be posting about said kitty cat every time - it's just that we've only had her for 9 days and after being without a furry for nearly a year it is still quite a novelty.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day
Love Elizabeth


  1. aaaaaaaaahhhhh she's so sweet - do keep posting about her I'm loving hearing all about her antipodean antics all the way over here in blighty!!

  2. Such a beautiful, sweet kitty. Your blog is so wonderful and fun and your artwork is lovely.