Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ready for a giggle?

OK just had to tell you about yesterday. Are you ready for a giggle?

Over the last month, life has been a bit muddled and this is my only excuse. Right, on Tuesday I had a thorough clean of the studio - scrubbing, cleaning, sorting, packing up and vacuuming. You get the idea - normal stuff. This was to make way for students - new students - arriving at 10.00am yesterday.

As these ladies hadn't been to the studio before I decided to go out the front to the driveway so they wouldn't get lost. Normally new students are very early or quite late - so when no one had arrived at 10.00am I wasn't really worried. I decided to just keep busy and keep an eye out for them. So I dithered around inventing jobs like sweeping, dead heading a few things and inspecting my succulents etc ..............met the postie..................chatted to a neighbour.......... said hello to a dog. Still no students.

How can this be I said to myself? Better go start ringing - back in the CLEAN studio,got the diary out to the date with all their details .................................................'s next week and they are where they should be this week - wherever that is...................not at my studio.

So just to prove that I was ready - including nibbles, boiled kettle, great music, rolling mats, soap and everything ready to go, here are some pics!

Now most people wouldn't admit to being such an idiot - but why not? I am of the belief you should have a giggle at yourself especially when you clean up for no one.
Funny thing is, I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself after all that - no one was coming and so I went out to lunch instead.



  1. Lol! Well at least you are well prepared for next week! Clean studio and all!

  2. Clean studio and unexpected free day? That's like an instant mini vacation!

  3. I did giggle.... see you on Saturday (and the studio looks lovely).

    Jacky xox

  4. umm I find myself mixing up dates all the time now .. way to much on my mind is what I think it is .. there is only so much space up there and I like to fill it with textile related things .. date bahhhh never mind them

    Nice studio hope all goes well with your workshop.

  5. Oh, Elizabeth, I'm so glad I'm not the only one to do things like that. A couple of years ago I cleaned like a dog (several days of Spring cleaning...Of course, it was done in December though!)...Anyway, cleaned right up until the very last minute when I headed to the airport to pick my parents up. I was just exhausted. Waited at the gait, plane lands, no parents! So I went up to the desk to ask if perhaps they had been delayed in Chicago and didn't make their connection. The response, "Hmmmm, I don't see their names on the passenger list." He graciously did some further checking, and you probably know the response, "Your parents aren't due in until this time tomorrow!" Well, I was so embarassed, but the good thing was going home, and actually being able to relax in a clean house, get a good night's sleep, and be totally ready for my company the next day. It was heaven! I should do that more often!!!

    Your studio is beautiful! I am green with envy.

    Take care,

  6. Oh wow your studio is awesome, You should have rung me, i would have came and kept you company lol

    cheers karen

  7. Dawn I was so pleased to hear your story!
    I laughed a lot too!

    Thanks for sharing
    Love Elizabeth

  8. Lol happens! How lovely to see your studio. It's a work of art in itself and I love the little bird in your sidebar.