Thursday, July 23, 2009

Such good news!

I have such good news to share with you! As some of you may recall our beautiful cat Basil passed away last year - (can hardly believe that now because we still feel very sad at times).
Well on the weekend we adopted Nellie. She's 5 years old and we got her from the Keysborough Animal Shelter

After being in a small area coming to our place must have seemed truly unsettling. Well I don't know why we were worried because in 15 minutes here she is in the lounge room loving the cane chair.

Here is Nellie on yet another chair but so happy and relaxed - I can't tell you how much we are enjoying her and how much she is bringing to our lives.

It is such a beautiful thing to give an animal another chance - most people think of getting kittens
but an older cat has a trickier time getting adopted. Believe me - she is an absolute treat and already owns the place! Just as a cat should.


  1. Oh Nellie is adorable and I know you are glad to have her, and if she could talk she would say thank you!
    I love cats - we have three at the moment!!

  2. We adopted 2 stray cats a couple of years ago, Jack in January and Tia in June. We then ended up with 5, as Tia was pregnant and we hadnt realised as she was so thin and neglected. We gave the kittens away to good homes and Jack and Tia continue to rule the roost.
    Nellie really looks settled in her new home.

  3. What a beauty. Lucky cat, lucky you.

  4. E - I am so happy you have a new kitty in your life! And Nellie looks gorgeous (and very much at home already).
    Good on you for adopting her from a shelter too. I adopted one of my kitties 3 years ago from a Shelter for the same reason.
    Good to give a home to a kitty who is older.
    I am sure Nellie will be VERY happy in your home. And I hope I get to meet her when I do my felting class with Jacky on August 1.
    Every home needs a cat!
    Dot xx

  5. she looks so puuuurrrrfect there in your home. i agree on adopting an older shelter animal. when our 16 year old min schnauzer presley passes we will adopt an older dog. they fit our lifestyle much better than a puppy.

  6. How lovely!! we did the same thing after our cat Ebony died, we now have Geri a ginger tabby living with us, she was a stray and they think about 4 yrs old, and she has settled in so well, I would chose an older cat over a kitten, and its great to think that an unwanted cat is given love :)

  7. What a pretty cat Nellie is, and so blessed to have been chosen. Congratulations on your new purr-baby!

  8. What a lovely kitty Nellie is! we've just adopted another female after our beloved Bella passed away- you can never replace an old friend just find a new one! take care of her I'm she also feels that the only way is up! now she's with you.
    All best wishes Dottybird

  9. How lovely is Nellie...such a beautiful girl and she looks like she has settled into her hew home with ease! Obviously she feels a very cat friendly environment. I like her choice of chairs...

    See you next weekend.

    Jacky xox