Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A good excuse!

Dear Friends,
Over the last weekend I had a stand at a Quilt show run by a girlfriend. This event was to raise money for Eastern Palliative Care in Melbourne.

I had 2 lovely days demonstrating felting and chatting away to the lovely interested public.
With lots of wool and my samples hung up I made a few sales and then towards the end of the day I sold my last 3 canvas and felt figures.

Do you ever have that mixed feeling of wanting to keep your work and sell it as well?
It is a strange sensation. Today I started on a fresh batch of figures and it occurred to me that it was just what I needed - a good excuse to clear the decks and start afresh.

It is imperative to be proud of one's work - but equally important not to get too attached.
More especially if you are to make your living by your art.

So on that contemplative note, I am off to bed,
Cheers until next time


  1. I tell myself when I sell something, that the one who buys my art that he is very happy with it, even more than I do! Otherwise he or she would not pay any money for it! :)) True? hugzzz....peebee

  2. I adore your art!
    YES, I feel the same. Like giving a child away. Well, not exactly the same but there is a definite tug about it's not coming home again, even though I am always thrilled that someone else wants it.

  3. Love your figures ! Yes there is always the difficulty : selling or keeping ....
    But they sure will get a new home where someone loves them very much (at leats I would !!!)

  4. I try to photograph almost everything I make. It's sometimes hard to part with things, but later when I look back on the photo it's satisfying to imagine the other person enjoying it. Usually by then, I'm on to something else anyway!

  5. I love your art! And i am create some stuff? so yea, I understabd what you fell, couse feel the same. Please create more amazing art work!))

  6. These make me smile. They are so quirky and fun! Yup, I would have a hard time giving those up! xo

  7. So much to saY!! Love thes canvas figures- nota at all surprised taht some lucky customers took them home!! yes it is ahrd to part with some thingns but so energizing when others love them so much that they want to buy them!! huge COngrats!!!

    Embedding beaded lace is a fabulous idea and I love the journal pictured in your blog banner___ I get so excited when I see new blog posts from you!!! You are such an inspiration!!!

  8. Dear Friends
    Thankyou so much for taking the time to post -you really lift my day and make me feel very special.

    Every best wish

  9. Love your use of colours and texture... Beautiful work, and no wonder you develop an emotional attachment, but you are right.... Those that buy also deeply appreciate - and also have the wonder and awe that these were developed by you. Well done!