Thursday, October 6, 2011

A little of this and that.......................

Dear Friends
Well a bit of a mixed bag this week. Here is a new piece of felt I have been stiching the life out of or into! I find the searching through the layers of fibre and fleece for shapes and lines a good challenge. And often when you least expect it, you are able to draw things to light making them clear.

I suppose like any artwork it is the job of the artist to give the viewer a new outlook, provide them with the ability to really "see" articulating elements through colours and shapes.

I rarely use yellow as my base colour but I do strive to remain open minded about colour choices. This time I decided to actually put it to the test and have discovered that a bit more yellow is no bad thing!

Here are the remainder of the Fairytale wall hangings already in the library at school. This is the Princess and the Pea in one corner.

Each layer represents one Grade 5 student and their excellent efforts at hand stitching.

On the opposite wall is the gorgeous tower of Rapunzel. I just love this one!

I have also been trying my hand at hand built clay sculpture again. This is a bird that looks more like a Dalek, but who cares!!

Hoping your week is panning out really well

Much Love




  1. these are great the colour on your felt
    piece too....x

  2. Hi Elizabeth, love your stitched felted piece!
    Lots of sun in there .... ;-)

  3. The fairy tales turned out brilliantly! I love to stitch in felt as well and your piece looks wonderful.

  4. just love the fairy tale felts, they are brilliant
    thanks for sharing

  5. I LOVE the clay bird!! Such personality! Keep going...x

  6. Hi love your felted designs! beautiful!