Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Home again!

Dear Friends,
Well, home again! I had a wonderful time away in Canberra, teaching members of the Canberra Region Feltmakers - of which I am now a member!!
I think that Canberra has had a great effect on me because I seem to have hit the ground running when very often I am tired for several days afterwards.

My lovely hosts Robyn and Alan had 5 magnificent Alpaccas and for several days I was greatly entertained by Lance - grey, Beethoven - white, Barney- brown, Calleo - black and Collingwood - black and white.

They are very elegant animals in many ways and stand in a rather statuesque position gazing in to the middle distance and I often wondered what they might be thinking or dreaming about.

Lance was such a darling!

Early morning - a cockatoo came to settle in the Lilac bush

Having a cup of tea on the deck at the end of a lovely day

and the sun settling beneath the hill

The classes were great fun and the students were wonderful - working hard for 3 days to create more beautiful felt.Here are some of the results - aren't they stunning!

Setting in beautiful beaded lace

Judy having fun with prefelts. Those not pictured were a little incomplete so with any luck I can convince those ladies to send along a photo before too long.

A new scarf I finished last week with many strips of silk felted in

I don't think I could ever get tired of colour

Our darling cat Nelly just purring in the corner of the studio this evening. So pleased just to sit on this old green cushion. How very simple life is for the completely worshiped felines of this world.

Hoping you are having fun whatever it may be.



  1. An alpaca is a combination of a big rabbit with a catlike attitude. I like the felt that are made. Very beautiful!!!!! hugzzzz...peebee

  2. You get such wonderful results everywhere you go to spread your skills! Its great to be away but its good to be home with our families furry friends.

  3. It would be a very sad day fort he world if you ever did get tired of color!!!! This scarf is so fabulous!! I still long to take a class with you!! Someday!!!