Monday, January 18, 2010

Back in class!

Back to normal!
I am so glad classes have started again. I am really happy when people come to the studio and at the moment a Felt Folio class is underway - here is the lovely Kaye concentrating hard.

This is Deb - very happy to give me a grin! I think they are both going to be beautiful felters.
I will keep you posted on their progress!

A few hand dyed wools in the shop tomorrow - gorgeous stuff with a single twist, so it is just magic to felt or knit and felt as well.

It has been such a lovely cool day today and after I have complained for so long about the heat it was so very welcome. It is so amazing how much more productive I feel in a cooler climate.

I know there are those that rev up with a hotter temperature - but I belong to the other clan - there are those of you who know exactly what I mean:

I love to hibernate and walk in the rain and stand at the beach facing an icy wind and wear an extra layer and put another blanket on the bed and knit every day and make soup and light a fire and watch the leaves changing and the sun being lower in the sky.........................................
Maybe I should stop now!

Roll on Autumn!

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