Thursday, January 14, 2010

Machine Stitching

Hi everyone,
Recovering from the intense heat of the past few days, today felt like an absolute gift! Cool and clear. Amazing how very much we take for granted - just a beautiful day - not too hot and not too cold.

The other day I wrote about hand stitching - but machine stitching can really enhance felt pieces as well. The quilting effects add extra dimension and sometimes elements that you added to your layout of fleece, can often disappear once felted. Quite inexplicably sometimes!
The colours merge and there is no delineation between one shape and another. Stitching, either machine or by hand to the rescue and a work of art emerges!

Leaves on a layout of fleece and muslin.

More leaves

Our first crop of plums!!!! So exciting .....just resting before they disintegrate into jam!

Such a beautiful ruby colour!

Would love to send you all some - this might prove tricky - but if you come to the studio I will endeavor to bake my scones to go with the jam.

Hope your week is going well.
Love Elizabeth

PS: Who is not taking beautiful weather for granted!


  1. Oh, how those leaves come to life with the stitching! I have a merino-on-silk scarf with lots of felted leaves and vines. I do like the soft edges of the felted leaves with the shirred silk framing them, but wonder if it might be enhanced with some machine stitching. Hmmm...could be time for playing.

    Love the beautiful plum color. I'm actually drinking a smoothie this morning that includes fresh beets and berries, tempted not to drink it, but instead toss in some roving for a beautiful dye job. Nah, tastes too good. :-)

  2. I love that technique of stitching! Your results are truly lovely. I am unfortunately at odds with the sewing machine on most days. I may have to try some hand stitching though :)

    And those plums look yummy! They make my mouth water.

  3. Your stitch work has truely added wonderful things to your felting!! Love the leaves! The color of those plums is glorious- beautiful crop. Scones and Jam yum yum!!!!!
    I hope that you continue to ahve some cool and clear weather. When it is so hot and steamy it just sucks the energyu right out of you!!
    Hugs from the norhtern hemisphere!!