Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Act of Kindness - Surprise Draw!

I was in our local hardware store this evening. You know the type - large, impersonal and run by an invisible team.
I was there to buy a couple of punnets of seedlings for mum. Just some humble parsley capsicums and red onions.

Well I discovered I didn't have enough cash and decided to leave one at the register.
Suddenly from behind came the voice of a lady "You've left one behind".
I informed her that I didn't have enough money and she promptly said: "Yes you do, I'm buying it for you!"

I was really taken aback and said "" Her reply: "This is a Random Act of Kindness"

I was really touched and promised her I would find an opportunity to do the same by the end of the week.

SO this is it:
If anyone would care to share their experience involving a random act of kindness or you would like to share your thoughts on this one, I would love to hear. So please level a message to this post.

On Saturday 9th
To all that reply, I will put their name/email into a hat (shoebox) and draw one out.

To this end I will post a handmade surprise to the person whose name is drawn on the following Monday (11th January)

I hope that if your name is not drawn, then you are the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness or decide to do one.

Good Luck Everyone!


  1. I bumped into a friend in the supermarket that I hadn't seen in over a year. we had parted a little out of sorts and so there were hugs and tears for a moment and a promise to catch up very soon. pushing my trolley through the checkout, I noticed a huge bunch of flowers in it that I had certainly not put there. there was a 'paid for' receipt attached and a knowing smile from the check out girl - but I simply had not seen my friend do it - I still don't know how she managed it - we meet together very often now! we should never let friendships slip because of misunderstandings!

  2. I love that story Elizabeth I remember a couple of years ago there was a story around christmas where somone was going into the service station to get petrol and paying for the persons petrol behind him, he did it quite a few times.I also loved the movie pay it forward. Ros

  3. Hi Elizabeth
    I love reading your blog and looking at updates of your most recent pieces of work. When I was in my early twenties my boyfriend at the time unkindly left me in the city in the early hours of the morning. He had all of my belongings in his pocket and so I was stranded with no money to get home or house keys. I was walking in the dark very afraid and crying when a man stopped me and asked me what was wrong. After explaining my situation he handed me $20 to catch a taxi. When I asked him to leave me his details so I could return the money to him he flatly refused. To this day I still call him my 'guardian angel'.

  4. I do love RAK'S!! THe other day I was in the grocery store and my favorite checkout person/assistant manager was looking particularly frazzled and a bit green behind her register. Now this gal always has a smile and a wonderful outlook, despite having some amjor life challenges. I asked her if she was ok and she said that she was feeling really nauseous. She told me that she was newly pregnant and her manager would not let her take a break. She had no crackers or water to help quel the sick. So I ran to get a bottle of water, had her scan it and opened it for her and told her ti drink it on the spot! I also said that if the manager had a problem with it all that she would need to speak to me!! SHe told me that she owed me and I said absolutely no way!!! This is what we are to do for each other!! It was not exactly random as I do know this gal and consider her a wonderful aquaintance. I also know thta she is always making do for herself so she can take care of her daughter and that she works too hard to try to make ends meet. I am so blessed and I wish that she would let me do more for her!!
    I hope that you ahve a wonderful Week Elizabeth and thank you for starting off our NEw YEar by thinking fo doing Random Acts Of Kindness for others!!!

  5. What a lovely idea Elizabeth. I have been the recipient a lot of times through life and usually at the times I am most in need. I like to leave books in laundromats and public ammeniteis with a little note encouraging someone to take the book to read and leave it somewhere similar when they have finished.

  6. Great story Elizabeth. Sometimes we think that people don't care, but, a story like this makes one realise, that if you give then you get back.
    HUgs Lucy

  7. Good story. Last autumn I was in a local supermarket when the man in front was calculating if he had enough cash to buy what looked like a meal for two. He was about to give up the bottle of wine when I offered to pay the difference, it was not much money but he was so grateful. It is lovely to help others. I often pass on information that I find that I think others might enjoy.

  8. I was parking my car in the city and pulled behind a 4WD.I was just about to pay for my parking when the lady in the 4WD rolled down her window and offered her ticket that still had over an hour of parking left. I too was reminded of the kindness of strangers with a RAK.
    There is joy in helping others and so glad you shared your lovely story.