Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stock piling in front of the TV

Hi friends,
Busy day making more plum jam and tomato sauce - I am feeling very resourceful and the cupboards have no room left for basic stuff like general food. Oh well - they look pretty sitting there grinning at me. I feel certain I will appreciate them in the winter months!

As you can see I am knitting again - I just adore adding other types of fibre to my layout of fleece before felting. These are just small panels waiting until I get inspired.

If you have idle hands in the evening - mind you I don't think I know any woman who isn't working at something in the evening - and men are too busy monopolizing the remote control - stockpiling in this way frees up your creative time when you are working on a project.

It is a great luxury to have little stockpiles from which to choose. These sorts of things at your fingertips allow a far greater scope when you come to create something new.
For example, if I am laying out a new piece of felt and I require a piece of knitting or perhaps some shredded muslin, maybe some felt swirls or a pile of felt triangles there is such freedom in grabbing a box of the required element and just selecting the piece/s to be used.

If I had to stand there cutting out 50 triangles and whatever other element was required I would never get anything done in my studio time.

SO my point (which is coming!) is this:
Treat television time as a perfect opportunity to stockpile - you will never look back!
Sometimes I end up with leftover pieces of felt from a doll or bag or whatever and these I gather up and cut into shapes of all types so that I might be ready when the muse strikes! Let's face it that could be at anytime - so be a good scout and get prepared!!!!

The first bit of knitting is done with a very fine 2 ply and this one is hand spun and about a 10ply
No idea what they are for but does it really matter?

Below is a wall hanging I did some while ago and the swirls were done from scraps prepared in the evening and stored in shoe boxes until required.

Hoping everyone is doing something creative, if only some stockpiling for the next project!


  1. These colors are gorgeous!! I have begun to knit again - I have only knitted scarves, would like to try something new, but the patters tend to freak me out a bit!!!

    The yarn you used in these pics, is it from one ball, or did you use several?

  2. Hi mary
    Lovely to "see" you!
    The yarn at the top pic is about 3-4 different shades in the same ply - I have done about 5-7 rows in each colour - simply joining on when I wanted a change.

    The bottom one is a ball of handspun yarn. I just used some of my fleece to spin into a thick/thin ball of wool.
    It is lovely to knit with and grows fast!!

    Best wishes

  3. A brilliant blog as per-usual!I have nominated you a Sunshine Blog Award. x

  4. Gosh Maria
    Thankyou so much!
    You never know what people get out of a blog - I think the fact that I have been located amongst a world of blogs is the most amazing thing!
    Best wishes