Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting Grubby!

Dear Friends,
Howdy! Every so often - say every 8-10days I have to do some painting, no real need or purpose just a desire to make lots of painty mess with paper and canvas. I find that to work with such freedom is very invigorating.

This messy bit of paper is actually my palette. I use oven bake for my blobs of paint and when I have finished I just moosh it all together and then when it is dry I press it ready for a one day project. They look so detailed and take all of 2 minutes to make!

These are sections of the canvases I did today.

I think that if you can see the details up close it helps to analyze what else you may need to add - although perhaps you might see that it is time to STOP!

Knowing when to stop is a really big issue I think all artists face. It is so easy to gild the lily as they say and after hours of working and fussing and nit picking and adding a little of everything you own, you don't really like it. Funny that!

Lastly - this is a teeny corner of the garden today. How gorgeous that all these shades are on the same plant. In Australia it is called Pigface - really awful for such a beautiful specimen.

Wishing everyone a splendid week.

Love Elizabeth


  1. These snippets would make beautiful individual paintings just as they are Elizabeth.

  2. The photo of your little plants is lovely.
    I think they are called portulaca.
    Pigfaces are pretty too, but they look a bit different.

  3. Dear Dolores
    You are so right! We have both plants in the garden and this is certainly the porulaca.

    Thanks for looking!