Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Stuff!

New green felt today. I just adore green - of any shade. I think there are more shades of green than any other colour. Nature somehow manages to create bright luminous chartreuse to the coolest deepest pine green. I just love it!

Also got some new kits done now up on etsy if anyone is keen to have a try at felting! Also some new giftcards:

I can assure you that taking a lump of gorgeous fluff and turning it into a beautiful fabric is really a magical thing to do. I still have a promise to myself that if I wake up in the morning and it isn't exciting I will search for something else to do. After making felt for more than a dozen years nothing has ever changed. There have been lots of additions over the years but making felt has
kept me so very enthralled - I hope there are another dozen years at least!

This is the doll with the machine embroidery - she belongs to a group of tree creatures.

Every best wish


  1. I went to your Etsy site and didn't find any kits? There was only a couple of roving hanks.
    are you putting more up?

  2. Fab inspiring work. Love the vibrant colours

  3. Kits are definitely up now - I got too tired and went to bed! But the kits are now there.
    Thanks for looking!

  4. Elizabeth! She takes my breath away. I adore her!...and I'm not a doll gal. She is stunning. I too am a huge fan of green, especially when purples are used with it. The felt work is wonderful. Thanks yo so much for sharing her with us.
    hugs across the blue to you,

  5. The green felt is stunning. I know its been said but I had to add my bit!

  6. this tree creature is jut gorgeous, elizabeth! love all the intricate machine embroidery details!