Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mini Landscapes - Aerial views

I have been having a lot of fun creating some little felt landscapes.

They are about 7-8" square and also have a little hand embroidery on them. Funny how you have fun with one technique or idea and all of a sudden a whole new series of work is born.

It is a magic feeling when this happens to me. Thinking about it, it is nothing that you can manufacture - you can't force an idea - it seems to steal upon you and voila!
A grand new set of images to explore. I would appreciate any feedback on these little pieces.
You can see them all at
I think I will be doing some large scale work with this theme. I don't normally do landscapes very well - so here's hoping!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Deatil in the centre

These are a few more pics of the centre seascape. Really had a lot of fun doing this with free motion embroidery some hadn stitching and my embellisher. What I did before the embellisher I can hardly imagine now - I think I spent a LOT of time hand sewing!

Sets of 3

Well excitement in the studio! I have finally fnished 3 pieces of work I am rather pleased with.

They consist of felt and hand painted cloth that combine to create 3 sea scapes. They look good as a set but can stand alone as indivual pieces as well.
Funny thing about the set of 3 - by th time I am finishing off
the third, I am ready to move ahead to a new subject!
The centre piece contains more detail and holds the other 2 together. All 3 have machine embroidery on them.