Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas is Upon Us!

Dear Friends,
Well December has rushed on by and tomorrow is Christmas Day - can hardly believe it.
I have been busy renovating sections of the studio. New draws from IKEA I am in LOVE with - I got a glazier to cut me come glass to create a fresh finish to them - making them super easy to keep clean as well.

Fiddling around with what will go in them has taken up a lot of play time in the studio!

Tall CD cabinets cast off from my sister now hold all my paints organised into colour - BLISS! This has freed the table up considerably.

I really need to do other things to the studio but with the joy of Christmas approaching cooking and decorations have taken priority. SO mess galore in the kitchen has resulted in way too many yummy things.

Testing different lollies to set into shortbread was my technical research to our Christmas fare. Boiled lollies simply don't work - but jubes do! These little star ones held onto their shape and went shiny! Perfect!
AND YES they tasted quite lovely.

We ALWAYS have these balls that are crushed biscuits, sweet and condensed milk (mmm....) and dark cocoa. Covered in coconut. So easy to eat - sadly!

OH yes here are the lollies before and after for the shortbread jewels.

I decided to put my tree up on the ceiling in the studio - it used to be in a corner and tended to fall over.
Up on the ceiling it can hold many decorations! FAB!

Along the work tables are the avenue of Santas! Can a girl have too many Santas?

In our lounge room we have candles on every night in the Christmas period.  It is a special time and I am always glad we make the effort to add all the little touches that live in a cupboard for the rest of the year.

The tree is 8 ft tall and the angel just gets in before scraping the tips of her wings on the ceiling!

Well off to the land of nod until the day begins

Much love to everyone who has written in and followed my blog - I so love hearing from you all
Have a splendid holiday season however you celebrate it


Monday, December 3, 2012

And the winner is.................................

Dear Friends
Well thankyou for such a lovely response to my Blog Give Away of one of my Felted Birds!

The winner is    GILLIAN CHAPMAN  from the Isle of Wight. Congratulations!

I will be posting your parcel on Monday morning and feel certain it will arrive before Christmas. I hope you have fun displaying him/her somewhere!

I am sorry I can't send one to everyone, they take me such a long time to make from dyeing the fleece, to making the felt through to embroidering the details. There are more available over at Etsy if you are still keen to own one.

So every best wish and happy creating in the run up to Christmas and Holiday Season!
Good grief 2013 is almost here!