Wednesday, November 28, 2012

3 Days to go!

Hi Friends,
Thankyou so much for your wonderful response to the give away! I forgot to mention that if you would prefer a more subdued little bird in quieter tones then no problem.
Like any artist I always assume that everyone likes my colours best, brights, but this doesn't suit us all. If you would prefer a felted friend that is brown/blue/silver colours then that can certainly be arranged! Remember just leave a comment or "follow" my blog and you will be entered into the draw.

Everything is bright and warm here and our first bowl of cherries have been harvested! They have come from a very young tree, earlier than expected and this little dessert bowl was the ENTIRE crop. Henry thinks they are superb - not too certain what they are - but sensational fun to grab the stalk in your teeth and fling it across the table!  Is this young fluff monster entertaining or what? 

The obvious question I guess is, "Should Henry be on the table?"   Mmm...............Oh well...........

Good Luck in the draw!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give Away!

Hi everyone!
Well I thought it was time to announce a fabulous give away!

Simply leave a comment or "follow" my blog and I will choose a name at random from a hat on the 1st of December.  Your new little felt bird will be winging its' way to you just in time to hang on your tree or anywhere you like. Your little bird is created from handmade felt from my hand dyed wools and then embroidered.

There are a couple of other items in there too but that would be telling.The festive season is supposed to be about surprises anyway!

Good Luck on the 1st of December!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


'and then Goldilocks tried the Queen sized bed with the lovely warm quilt and crept in. Pretty soon he
fell fast asleep and his poor family couldn't find him for ages and ages and were getting quite worried.'

We had a really noisy storm this morning and Henry disappeared. He tried to stick it out and kept running from window to window - upstairs downstairs and all over. After a while we couldn't find him - sure enough
the most reassuring place for us all was his chosen spot as well - IN BED!

Happy snoozing!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Spring is truly here!

Hello Everyone!
Well Spring is truly here and our wet wet wet winter is really paying off now. All the roses are just so joyous and I am guessing that extra deep soak has given them a real boost.
The kitties are loving rolling outside again after clinging to heating vents and fighting over the favourite chair.\
As you may know Nelly has not accepted Henry although a bare toleration is in progress and she has stopped hissing at every doorway - just in case he might be in that particular room. (You will be able to see them both if you click on the pic)

Here you can see them very close together outside and Nell just couldn't be bothered rising to chase him away.  A rare day. We are having a small summerhouse built in the backyard - a nice place to dream really.

These little daisies were about the size of my thumb nail  - thankyou macro lense! They were in the down the street and just so gorgeous. I think that more than any other flower, daisies signal that heat is on the way.
I am going to try and paint them this week.

For the first time in years the foxgloves are marching around the garden all by themselves. As we have such a deciduous garden, they get a good start before everything is in full leaf. I just love them!

After a sudden shower last week followed by wretched wind, the roses here just littered the driveway in the loveliest way!

Spring can be so unpredictable but whilst the lovely days are lingering we are all taking advantage of them.

Hoping you all get some outside time this week