Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Friends,
Well busy in the studio on Friday with students creating madly! Here is Teresa making some stunning flowers to add to her winter wardrobe

The gorgeous Joy showing off her very first wrap! Covered in leaves and berries she looks a real treat!

And here is Lyn making a statement with stripes and swirls.

As you may know we have a new young lad named Henry who just loves our old girl Nelly. Her follows her constantly copying her movements (never seen that before in all the years we have had cats!) and tries so hard to get close to her. Sadly to no avail - except here yesterday morning when she was snoring her head off and he sat as close as he could get.
He is very game and puts up with her hissing and even hitting him. Poor darling! There is no sign she will ever be his pal.

This is a new piece of felt I made today with layers upon layers of fleece and threads and fabrics. I love the way the black and white fabric stands out so well.

This is a piece of dyed muslin that I stretched and poked my fingers in until it was most distressed!
Felted like a dream!

It looks big here but is actually about 50cm X 25cm  - a new bookcover I think.

Hoping everyone is getting some creative time in this weekend.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Autumn Light

Hi Creative Friends!
I just love this time of year. If it could be Autumn all year round - most content I would be.
Of course there wouldn't be Spring bulbs or Summer fruits or Winter fires but the Autumn light is like no other.
I just love the quiet contemplative feel it has. I know there are others that feel that it signals a dying time - but for me it is the light. The soft, fuzzy around the edges light.

These shots were taken on Sunday afternoon in our Royal Botanic Gardens. I was sitting amongst Oak trees doing a little stitching on some felt (thermos and nibbles beside me of course) and the light was perfect.

Some days the light is so hard you can't take a gentle shot at all - although Photoshop is a great boon I do acknowledge.

These are small leftover pieces of felt that I am turning into book covers.

I often feel I spend more time generating projects from leftovers than anything else. The eternal "that will be handy one day" that keeps us all from throwing out a single button. Then of course you do throw something out ( having held onto it for 10years) and promptly have to go and buy it again! Grrrrr.......

Hoping you are having a gorgeous week and finding time to enjoy the light - wherever you be



Sunday, April 8, 2012

Woven fleece and trying to be patient!

Dear Friends,
Hoping everyone is having a lovely Easter break. For many years I have been weaving fleece and all sorts of bits to felt. Here are a few samples that I have been working on over recent months.

Although it wasn't planned I found my collection of vintage green buttons matched really well. Perfect!

I just love the way some projects are no trouble at all - no struggle, no forcing to find that extra bit to use. On other occasions the magic is held up somewhere and it takes a bit longer.

For this very reason I have at least 10 different pieces of work on the go at varying stages of construction. Is this a bit mad?

Yesterday was a finishing day where 3 different pieces were completed. Thrilled I was, thrilled!

Which begs the question - Why not follow through sooner? The feeling of finalising a piece of work is very uplifting. But as I learnt many years ago - you cannot force it - pity I am so impatient. Those times were I did push to finish something, I either wrecked it or was dissatisfied with the result.

Trying to be patient,



PS Our dear little kitten ( not so little anymore) is now climbing trees and delighted that Autumn is bringing so many dancing leaf "friends"!