Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas and holiday season and a wonderful 2016

Every best wish
Love from

Monday, December 21, 2015

Pages to Stitch!

Hi Everyone
I am so slack in writing to my lovely blog. New Year's Resolution - must post more!

Here is one of my sketchbook pages that I have had printed onto onto an eco cotton/linen. THe quality of the fabric is such that it will stand up to stitching or beading or applique or quilting - whatever takes your fancy! You could easily turn them into bag or bookcover or add to a quilt or simply just frame.

I have a whole series of them over at my etsy shop 
Wholesale orders are welcome.

I can hardly believe that Christmas is AT THE END OF THE WEEK!  I have only just got the tree up!  Every year I am quite determined to have it done in the first week of December and every year I fail! Oh well - better luck next year!

Lots of love

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New classes for October and November!



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Classes: October & November

Dear Friends,
Classes at last! I am sorry it has taken so long for me to contact you with new dates.
I have been flat chat with interstate felting comitments a gorgeous trip to New Zealand and in between times working at 3 different schools. Everything does indeed, come at once!
I am so eager to get back into classes in the studio and I do hope you will join me.

Hoping to see you soon
With every best wish

Papier Mache Figures and Felt
This is a fun mixed media workshop and I just love the two elements combined. These dolls have been very popular and so I am offering the class once again. If you prefer to create an animal instead that is fine too!
3 weeks
DATES:7th 14th and 21st October
PRICE: $180.00 + Materials   All tools available for use in class
Felting and Faces!
Learn to make a stunning piece of felt and gain confidence with face painting using watercolour pencils and crayons. Create some great mini works of art!
2 weeks
DATES: 28th October and 4th November
Patchwork Felt
A study in colour and prefelts. This is a fabulous opportunity to work with pattern and texture in felt. Each panel is quite large and would be ideal for a throw or wall hanging.
3 weeks
DATES: 6th, 13th and 20th November
Collage Birds!
I just adore making felt brids! Perfect for the beginner, you will learn how to felt as well as designing your own set of patterns to create your new feathered friends.
2 weeks
DATES: 11th and 18th November
Seamless felting
Ever wanted to tackle seamless felting - making something without any sewing up? This is a great opportunity to try your hand at a bag or doll or bowl.
1 week
DATES: 23rd  October  or  21st November
Beginners Felt
Not started yet? Felting is sich wonderful fun. In one morning you can make a stuinning piece of felt suitable for a bag, wall hanging,table mat, cushion cover......
1 week
DATES: 9th October or 14th November
Nuno Felt
Well what a dreamy way of felting. Featherweight felt indeed. Using silks and threads and fleece, create a stunning piece of wearable art or try a variety of methods in sample sized pieces.
1 week
DATES: 28th November     BOOKED OUT!
Felt Project Day
Have you got something in mind that you need a little help with? Perhaps a project to get started or one to finish. Then this might just be for you!
1 Week
DATES: 30th October or 25th November

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Classe for 2015!

Collage Birds

Thinking about felting? Time to get started!

Welcome to Newsletter Number 4

It's time to get felting!

Hi Everyone
Welcome to 2015! What lovely plans have you set for yourself this coming year?
Hopefully some time to create some magnificent felt works!
I am in for another busy year - how lucky for me that there are so many people wanting to take some felt classes. This year I will be travelling to Berry (NSW) East Kempsey (NSW) The Whitsundays again, Canberra (NSW), Bendigo (VIC) and for the first time I will be going to New Zealand to do several workshops.

Here at home in the studio, I will be teaching the following classes over the next few months. Something new in April I will be holding a "FELT INTENSIVE" 4 straight days of felting with a different technique each day.
Dates start really soon so I look forward to hearing from you!

Beginners Felt If you are ready to dip your toe in the wool then don't hesitate! Making felt is a very satisfying pursuit and the results are just sensational!

Nuno Felting Techniques.  This class will enable you to learn several methods for creating beautiful scarves rather than just one. It will run for 2 weeks.
In Week 1 four methods will be covered where a sample of each will be achieved.
In Week 2 you can select one of these to make a full size scarf or alternatively do more techniques.

Collage Birds continues to be so popular it is amazing how many breeds have evolved!
A 2 week class with plenty of scope for designing your own feathered friends.

Seamless Vessels - This is a great class where I will be teaching the seamless technique  to create some stunning vessels. You may decide to create a bag, vessel  or other creature instead!

Patchwork Felt.  This is a series of 4 workshops. Understanding colour and pattern will be the prime focus and how to achieve a stunning piece of wall art will be our goal. Perfect for the beginner or more advanced student. For two weeks we will create a variety of patterned felts. By week 3 we will arrange and piece them all together so they are ready to be felted in Week 4. These pieces are quite large so class size will be limited to 3 students.

Felt Folio 1 must surely be my most popular class. Now into its' 13th year (golly!) it runs for 5 weeks with a new felting technique each week. Felto Folios 2 and 3 can also be scheduled after number 1 has been completed.

Square Heads  - A fun class to introduce you to the gorgeous qualities of watercolour crayons and sketching. These little heads are great to add to journal covers, art quils, bags, cushions.....

Papier Mache and Felt - A three week class in mixed media. We create heads and limbs in papier mache and then a customised felt body. By week 3 we put it all together for a truly unique sculpture!


Beginners Felt: 7th  FULL
Seamless Vessels: 14th FULL
Felt Folio 1: 19th,  26th March 5th, 12th, 19th (5 weeks) 2 vacancies
Collage Birds: 21st & 28th (2 weeks) 2 vacancies

Beginners: 3rd  1 vacancy
Papier Mache and felt: 7th,14th, 21st (3 week class)
Nuno Techniques:  17th & 24th   (2 week class) 2 vacancies


Felt Intensive: 8th 9th 10th 11th 
(4 week class)
Patchwork Felt:        14th, 21st,  28th,  26th   May 5th 
(4 week class) 2 vacancies
Nuno Techniques:    17th and 24th 
(2 week class)

1 week $60.00  + materials
2 weeks $120.00  + materials
4 weeks $240.00  + materials
5 weeks (Folio class) $350.00 which includes all materials

Materials for most classes are around $25.00 - $35.00 except for large works.

All classes run for 3 hours 10.00 - 1.00pm

I only take 4 students (5 depending on the class) so classes fill quickly!
Collage Birds!

Beginners Felt

Nuno felting techniques
Patchwork Felt

Seamless Vessels
Square heads!