Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Home at Last

Well dear friends HOME at last!

It seems but a week ago I was setting off, but to judge by the 8000 plus photos it appears that it took a little longer.

Needless to say I really did have the most wonderful time - but you probably guessed that!

There are so many highlights and although I was totally happy (albeit tired!) I really miss England already.

We got home late Saturday on the 18th after 40 minutes of sleep for the entire journey which took from 8.30am on Friday morning until 10.00pm Saturday night- door to door.

In the next 2 weeks I would like to share some more images with you and hope that you will find them interesting. Some friends have already asked me what were the best moments and I think that walking through wild bluebell woods, following sheep down a lane and teaching in England were very special. Having said that, another 20 occasions come to mind immediately!

The weather in Paris was wet wet wet - so my photos are pretty boring. Florence and Rome were hot hot hot! So not so pleasant -very sticky and certainly slowed the pace down. We call it a holiday but it really is an "Experience". So I have had a several days to collect myself and have started teaching already! Yippee!

Seeing new things is very much a salve to tiredness - but I am now charging ahead towards the familiar and regular with renewed vigour. As you would expect I have a thousand thoughts jumbling over one another and I hope to produce some new work over the next couple of months when I am able to marshal them!

NOTE: My computer crashed nearly 3 weeks ago - just froze up - and I wasn't able to post.

After being resurrected yesterday it would appear that I permanently lost all emails since 7th June until the 21st. Into the ether apparently!

If anyone has tried to get in touch please do so again as I have no way of retrieving them - I am not being intentionally rude!!!

In the photos here you can see the gorgeous walks we had through the bluebells around Cantebury - just in time before the weather changed for them to disappear. The bed and breakfast we stayed in "Castle Cottage" (within actual Castle grounds!) was at a weeny place called Chilham where the village was set around the ancient market square.

After a very lengthy drive where we got lost no less than 4 times we arrived at the gate in the dark and were very warmly welcomed and promptly fell into bed. A truly lovely village with tiny pubs and lovely walks everywhere right from the door.

SO pleased to be chatting with you all again,

Lots of love