Monday, September 19, 2011


Dear Friends,
Well this school term has been so full with three very large school jobs. Here is the final one that will be hung in a new Performing Arts Centre at Orchard Grove Primary school.
The work has been carried out by 504 children as well as an evening class of staff!

These flowers were made by the teachers during an evening class where we had about 30 arrive to learn how to felt! The preps made the centre pieces for them.

They all did such a great job!

Shapes and shading with just a little fleece.

Our little owl is guardian of this, our Enchanted Forest.

Trees with plums on them.

Dancing pine trees with boiled lollies on them.

It is so easy to make big plans, especially months before when deadlines and timelines and bells are a thing of the future and not worth worrying about. Carrying them out is a little more challenging!

I am looking forward to the school holidays!!!

Every best wish




Sunday, September 11, 2011


Dear Friends,
Thinking of you all - especially in New York who are marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11
when the world changed for us all. I am following the service here in Australia where it is being telecast live and can only send you my thoughts of peace and well wishes.

No matter where we are on this day - I know we will all recall our disbelief and horror upon learning of this disaster 10 years ago.

Every best wish,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A little of this and that

Dear friends,
This post is a little of this and that. Here is a small piece of felt made by ME! Yes me! Not children felt, just my felt! I had a small opening of time today and just decided THAT WAS IT!
Grabbing time for oneself even one hour can often be better than any tonic you could possibly take.
Not only are you recharged but you are better for everybody - everyone around you.
They all benefit from your sunshine. OK so it is a form of therapy, but so what!

THe white filminess that you see is a piece of tissue silk with holes cut in it. Being white it takes on the hue of the fleece beneath it. You can see in the border that there is quite a contrast - I just love the way the colours seep through like a watercolour.

Of course a bit of stitching is a a great addition - just deciding how far to go.

Righto PUPPETS with Grade 4 from the school I have been at since the Fairytales (see last post). I just love the way the haphazard stitching takes place. The children make everything but I get the fun of sewing up their desired shape from the patterns they design. I have found that they are completely durable then and don't fall apart.

Figures with grade 6 - Green Gal

The Little Prince


and this fab Pirate that I just LOVE!

Golidlocks - another of the fairytale hangings that I forgot to post last time.

Well that's it for me - heading for a long sleep in - this getting up at 6.00am during the week to get to school on time is just AWFUL!

I hope everyone is doing something llovely this weekend - at least for an hour!!