Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Running with a project

Dear Friends,
Well as you can see still clowning around with paper mache and paper and glue and pens and having such a lovely time! I have always believed that when you get a bee in your bonnet about a project you need to run fast, run really fast until you wear yourself out with it.
When your excitment and enthusiasm are high you can really achieve an awful lot.

The funny thing is - I have been running for quite a while with this one!

I have been drawing with a little difficulty as a fluffy friend with a black tail seems to think that pencils and pens are fab and make a great noise when you push them onto the floor.

When you use newspaper for the top layer be certain that the things you can read are vaguely interesting and don't just advertise the local plumber.

Hopefuls on the desk.

Wishing everyone something great to run with this week


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Still here!

Hi friends!
Well at last I am getting my act together and writing again! A busy start to the year - painters are doing the outside of the house and I have been processing way too many plums and tomatoes and trying to find the studio.
On a creative note, I have been having loads of fun making paper mache figures for the wall, using painting and painted papers to enhamce. What exactly did we do before watercolour crayons???

In this closeup you can see that the face is done with a black fine liner and watercolours - the usual ones! So I have a couple of dozen faces ready to become figures and I am just loving seeing them come to life.

BUT - drumroll - nothing compares to the fun we have been having with our new arrival. As you may know I go out each morning with a cuppa and ,my camera just to see if there are new things growing in the garden. Lo and behold this is what we found!!! Sitting right here in a pot and just waiting for us - or so it seemed.

His name is Henry and he arrived a little over a month ago. I would have introduced him sooner but we have been enjoying fleas, really scary worms, vet visits and trying to see if anyone claimed him.

More importantly we have been waiting to see if our older girl Nelly would take to him. Well the answer is definitely no - she has taken to walking up the hall hissing loudly into each doorway just in case he is lurking somewhere. Quite funny really!

So this is Henry - 10 weeks old and deadly cute with 3 beauty spots on his nose. So wonderful to be able to cuddle a kitten again.

Hoping everyone is having a lovely week