Saturday, July 7, 2012

A lad named Henry

Dear Friends,
Having a little cat around the house has not happened for such a long time. Nelly is about 10 years old now and although she gets a bit more affectionate by teeny tiny increments, Henry is most happy to be cuddled and do some regular head butting and purring non stop when you have all your attention focused on him.

Our 4 previous cats all grew to around 19 - 21 years of age, so little ones have not been in our lives for quite an age. So here are a couple of lovely moments this week.

What is it with fresh towels out of the dryer and an instant pillow to sleep on?

SO settling down for 2 or more hours seemed perfectly normal on Tuesday night.

A very big day on Wednesday - the little snip happened now that he is 6 months and although he was supposed to be very groggy when he got home, he just ran and ran and was so excited to be able to smell everything and discover it was all in the same place as before.
Eventually though, the felt on the back of a couch seemed a great place to hang out.

Sleeping on wool is very comfortable - you should try it!

It doesn't matter what position you are in.

I just love this shot with the tufty paws.

OK so back to felt. After St Leonards I went straight to Orchard Grove primary school and we have done more fairy stories that will hang in the foyer outside the library. Here is the lovely Sleeping Beauty and below the Gingerbread House for Hansel and Gretel.

SO by the last day of term I was rather pleased that the school hols had arrived!

Hoping your weekend is packed with super things to do!