Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Working as an artist in residence

Hi everyone!

Been very busy doing school work at two schools. One paper mache and the other felt. I think I have seen about 700 children over the last 2 months!  Loads of fun though!

As an artist if you ever get a chance to do a residency then say YES PLEASE! You will learn so much - looking at your own medium in a different way, utilising colour and shape effectively and it really is packed with loads of laughs and very special moments.

Like the boy who was thrilled to have made new paint colours and raced up the art room to show me and the grade fours who made felt look like tree trunks and told everyone and anyone who would listen!

I passed a little person showing their grandma a large wall hanging we had done the previous year and naturally my ears were flapping as I walked past: "This is my best work" she told her granny. Apparently she had achieved this single handedly! - Great stuff!

If anyone would like any further advice about doing a residency please email me privately.

Hope everyone is well and doing something gorgeous and creative this week - or at least you are planning to do so!