Friday, July 30, 2010

Watery felt!

Hi everyone!
Firstly I would like to just thank everyone who responded to my announcement in the previous post of my forthcoming book - "Felt Happy!" You have given me such support and I will buckle down to get it finished just as soon as I can.
At the moment I am at Caulfield Grammar and have just about finished an underwater wall hanging which is looking just GORGEOUS!

This is our design wall with ideas from Grade 2 - crabs, octopus, starfish, reef sharks................

These photos are of the layout only and are waiting to be felted. Here a school of fish lurking in the background.

Elegant sea horses

Weeny rainbow coloured fish, coral, rocks, kelp.....................

And my absolute fave a set of crabs. The little eyes are just paper at this stage just to check for sizing etc.
Let me tell you, if you want a huge piece of felt made - enlist children! They have so much energy for rolling and what's more they really enjoy doing it! What fun!
Will show you the end result soon. It is currently drying in my lounge room and I can't stop going in to gaze at it. We have also created some 3D items which will be stitched on as well next week.
Do you find that when you are engrossed in making a new piece of art, you can't wait to finish it and yet you don't want it to end?
Hoping everyone finds time this weekend to be arty, whether you are dreaming of something new or finishing something wonderful!
Once again, thanks everyone for your beautiful words
Love Elizabeth

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just to let you know!

Dear friends,
Once again I need to apologise for being totally lax in writing my posts!
Well I have a very good reason - I have finally decided to tell you!
I am in the middle of writing a book!!!! A book on the way that I felt. A book with technique and instructions but more concentration on images. I firmly believe that artists learn visually.
They analyse images very quickly and get just as much, if not more information from an image rather than excessive text.
SO there will be lots of photos included.
It is for this reason that I have not been revealing any recent photos of finished work. Needless to say I have been working hard ( I promise!) and just want to keep the projects as a bit of a surprise.
I plan to have it finished in time for Christmas and will be publishing it myself. I really don't know the cost as yet but will fill you in when the quotes come in.
Any expressions of interest are of couse warmly welcome and just as soon as it is ready you will be the first to be emailed. Funnily enough I am starting to get quite excited!
On the working front I am at another school creating an underwater installation.
More soon,
Lots of Love