Thursday, February 24, 2011

Canvas, paint and a little felt too!

Hi dear friends,
Well busy busy busy at this end. Teaching a great deal and finding just a little time to sneak in some canvas painting with a little felt too!

Over the last few months I have been teaching several evening classes which have been great fun! Somehow students seem more relaxed - perhaps because it is the end of the day and there are no commitments, pressures and deadlines to meet.

I know my self I work very well late into the night rather than very early in the morning.
This got me wondering how many of us work at night to achieve our artistic dreams. Perhaps you are such a one or maybe you are busy beating the early bird and the worm!

Here are a few pics of some of the canvas figures that I have had fun with recently and the faces are in felt with some buttons as well.
I could make dozens of them, they are such fun!
Hoping everyone is getting a lot done - be it late into the night or early in the morn!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A repeat from the past!

Hello creative friends!

Lots happening in the last few weeks. I have been teaching several evening classes and it has been a really lovely way to end the day.
I generally teach in the daytime but over the last month the twilight time of the day has been popular.

One of these classes has been Face Painting - which used to be my most popular class. Once again it is having a resurgence - isn't it interesting how life does these big wheels and brings you back to where you were.

On the strength of that ,I have reprinted my face painting manual "Fuss Free Faces".

Available at my etsy store now.
On another note I am busy preparing for a school project again which promises to be challenging indeed - 12 framed puppets ( all in the one frame) which the students will design make and then embroider. Although I don't want to wish time away I can hardly wait to see them done!
Hoping everyone is well and that the coming weekend holds something wonderful to do.
Love Elizabeth