Monday, August 31, 2009

Knitting and Naughty Cats!

Knitting is such a delight to do - it can be as mindless or as puzzling as you like. I tend toward the mindless and repetitive - letting the colour and textures of the yarns do all the work.

I am trying to include more golds and yellows in my pieces. This is the first attempt - of course I had to use something with lots of other shades in between!
I am looking forward to the challenge!

Thanks to everyone who has emailed with encouragement re my new kits!

Hoping everyone is well and happy

PS Our beautiful new cat Nell is up to great mischief and keeping us on our toes. She has now explored the outside - can you imagine, the first time outside ever! Will post some more pics soon.

It is now 2 hours later since I wrote the above and I simply must tell you about what has just happened.

OK picture us all calling Nell, Little Nell, Nellie......................etc for about an hour. Now we know she is inside and each of us has searched every room THOROUGHLY to no avail. Eventually we hear a plaintive cry and she sounds as if she either stuck in the piano or in a wall cavity - that far away sound.

Well after frantic yelling at her now, we finally work out where she is!
NOW WAIT FOR IT...................................our lovely new cat is caught inside one of the recliners in the living room!!!!! Yep you know the ones I mean with the lift out footrest. I shiver to think what might have happened to her when the bar reclines beneath it.

SO a warning - check where your cat is when reclining in the living room!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Kits at Etsy!

My new kits are finally done and I can see my bench again! I had a great time putting them together -with all my hand dyed fleece and fabrics and fibres. Available at etsy now:


Fairy Floss

Blue Mood


It is such a beautiful morning I am going in the garden - see you later

Love Elizabeth

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Beauty of Bark - please click on to enlarge!

Over the last couple of days I have been walking, walking........................ in our Royal Botanical Gardens here in Melbourne. Signs of Spring are everywhere and I had a lovely time just photographing bark. You know those mysterious miniature worlds that appear when you look just a little harder. Having said that a camera with a macro lens is also a help. These weeny flowers were so tiny that I almost missed them. Only 1/4 inch wide!

This one reminds me or morse code.

The light was truly beautiful, no hard edges anywhere - like one shape just merging into another.

Knotty, lumpy bits are so interesting - the imperfections are what make it so attractive.

For so many years I have taken photos of bark and trees don't know why - it just makes me happy. The varying shades are so beautiful.

These little depressions in the trees side are so intriguing! I imagine some little person just sitting there smoking his pipe and catching the last of the evening light.

Perhaps they are listening devices from within the tree to hear who is approaching?

Something about this light I find so utterly beguiling - it is as if the tree is snoozing perhaps recalling other days.

Little worlds in bits of green and gold.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week

Love from

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Got it right this week!

Well, remember last week how I got it completely wrong - waiting for students that didn't arrive? Well this week they came - exactly when they should!!! And voila here they are working hard at their first piece of felt.

This is Anna creating some magic with lime and golden yellow and orange.

When you are painting with wool, something very wonderful happens. There is no worry, there is no pressure there is only possibility and freedom. Surely we all deserve as many of those days as possible?

From left, Anna, Michelle, Carolyn and Annette. Destined to be beautiful felters don't you think?

Have a great week!

Love Elizabeth

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Scarf Class today

A groovy day was had by all in the felting studio today and they all worked really hard!

From left, Dot, Victoria and Jacky all rolling 100, 200, 300, 400.......................................................... desperately pleading with me how many more they had to do!

Jacky being artistic and concentrating hard

Now I normally don't settle well with pastels as you may have guessed - but Victoria has done a beautiful job with white backgrounds and a really delicate touch. I am always so surprised at what she comes up!

Jacky looking stunning in her new nuno scarf - all Autumn coloured and really beautifully felted.

Dot in her stunning creation using colours that make her heart sing. Once again beautifully felted! Aren't I lucky to have such wonderful students!