Wednesday, December 29, 2010

See you in 2011!

Dearest Friends,
Well a final post before 2011 gets into gear. Working hard on new felt amidst eating too much and trying to sort of Spring/Summer clean up. Christmas was very simple and we had a lovely time doing very little. The house has nearly been culled of all mince pies and shortbread although gingerbread biscuits, nougat and chocolates still abound.

As I felt, I watch fibres and fleece enmesh, get tangled and somehow improve as they become a cohesive piece of work. Each element is made more beautiful by combining them with each other.

It is pretty much like life I guess, members of a family made more strong, more wonderful by being a single unit

and I really feel it is the same with the online community. I have to admit that I barely perceived how much I would gain from this little blog.

So thankyou everyone for your beautiful support in 2010, your lovely words that encourage me with every entry to continue with the artistic life. Just knowing that you are all there ready for me to chat to is so ...............magic!
SO Happy New Year everyone, may all your dreams come true in 2011 even the the tiny tentative ones that are still a bit wobbly,
With love and many hugs

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fifty One Feathered Friends!

Dear friends,
I am starting to get back to the studio where all school work has gone! Phew! It has been such a big term. Here is another work up and as you can see my pet subject was chosen ( without me saying a thing ....truly!) and the results are just fab.

The presentation was last Friday and I think everyone was very pleased. Children already have been gazing at it trying to find the bit that they made. In some instances it was sewing on some wings or making grasses or moulding flowers or creating some tree trunk.

Each prep designed a bird and started making the felt. The grade ones finished the felt off and the grade fours sewed on the wings.
Once again I tried to include every bright colour possible.

For some sections we had the carding machine out to use up all the scrappy bits and these pieces of felt were used for the children to each take some home.

I think the very hardest thing to tell a child is "No sorry we need this felt for the wall hanging"
when they so desperately want to take some home.

For the first time ever I was making up little kits which were being sold on the side! It felt wrong somehow!

All in all though, the school was thrilled and I can't wait to go back again next year. I think we will be tackling a circus theme for the library - so any thoughts you may have on what MUST be included.........then I am all ears!
Hoping everyone is finding a little creative time at the moment, I am busy drying out one wall of my studio as sudden flash flooding happened and water started pouring down the wall! Thankyou to all the ladies in class on Wednesday who helped rush everything out of the way it was most appreciated.